Extra Vergin Olive Oil

The Montelabate abbey produces an excellent olive oil. There is a brand new 'frantoio' (olive press) which gives the opportunity to pick the olives and press them a few hours later, giving a fragrant and fresh extra vergin olive oil.

Thanks to the two-phases integral extraction technology (avoiding water addition to the olive paste) the oil characteristics are unaltered, thus preserving both the polyphenols and the flavours. As a result we obtain a fresh trait, green and aromatic, expressed in the taste, characterized by an initial sweet perception, followed by a really balanced bitter-peppery sensation indicating plenty of antioxidant elements (polyphenols, sterols, etc.) good for your health.

You can buy the oil in bottles of 0.75 liter, 3 liter tins or 5 liter tins. There are also small tins, ideal as a gift or souvenir.

Cereals and beans

The farm is furthermore producing cereals and occasionally ceci (chickpeas).


There is a 'pastore' (shepherd) whose sheep are grazing the Montelabate fields. This gives an excellent pecorino cheese.